2018 Arizona HR Games

Sponsorship Opportunities are still available!


Contact Kevin Black of EDGE Challenges

(480) 251-3147 or kevin@edgechallenges.com

Registration is to begin for teams and attendees in June 2018.

Event Dates = November 1-2, 2018


We are very excited to announce that we are launching a new, ambitious AZ HR Games. This is unlike anything being done in the HR community, local or nationally! We’re combining HR education with the burgeoning industry of eSports. College HR students will increase their visibility by showcasing their HR expertise along with their leadership and strategy strengths. We’re enabling companies interested in new HR hires to see the “whole” candidate. Given the perceived media exposure of the Games, we believe the business benefits to the sponsors are significant and can support their current marketing and recruiting strategies. This is a win-win for sponsors, students and AZSHRM!

We’re asking for your help in obtaining sponsors to make AZ HR Games a reality. If your company is interested in increasing its exposure, deepening and widening its market reach to customers and potential talent, and reinforcing its brand as an innovator, then we’re asking for a “warm” introduction to HR decision-makers. We’d like to start a conversation to see if the Games can support their business goals.