Workforce Readiness

AZSHRM is dedicated to providing information and resources to help our local HR professionals stay up-to-date on information surrounding the trends in our field, which allows today’s HR professionals to better staff, train and promote the employees we work with everyday.  We are in a unique position of influence when it comes to the type of training and education services available to better prepare the workforce for the needs of today’s employers and are able to pull from available resources to assist in matching up skills with occupations.

AZSHRM is committed to creating partnerships between employers, high schools, community colleges, community-based organizations and One-Stop Career centers to address the workplace challenges that arise when current and future members of the workforce are not ready to meet the upcoming skills and knowledge requirements necessary to thrive in the workforce.

Why does Workforce Readiness Matter to HR Professionals?

  • Regardless of which industry we work in, it is important to understand industry trends and declines to better staff, train, and promote our employees.
  • As human resource professionals, we want the opportunity  to influence the training and education services out there so that we have a workforce that is prepared to meet the needs of today’s employers.
  • We can pull from available resources to assist in better matching skills with occupations.


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