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We are dedicated to advancing the field of Human Resources (HR) in Arizona by engaging, educating, and advocating for HR professionals, the businesses and organizations they work in, and the communities in which they live and serve.

But we go beyond serving HR professionals alone. We are here also to provide support, and to serve as a trusted resource, for organizations, local governments, and employees in general that have a question or need. We strive to be the authority for HR in the state of Arizona, and beyond. Our over 5,000 HR professionals throughout the state provide a wealth of knowledge, expertise, experience and, most importantly, compassion, for the resource we are here to serve: humans.

We meet our mission through a variety of initiatives, led by a state council of over 40 volunteer leaders, including the presidents of six local chapters that are geographically located throughout the state to serve HR professionals within their communities. Through our state council volunteer leaders, we work to advance our mission in many ways, and here are just a few:

  • Prepare and Educate HR Practitioners and Leaders. As an affiliate of SHRM, we have access to a wealth of resources, educational options, certification opportunities. In addition, we hold the #1 HR Conference in the state of Arizona, typically attending by over 1,000 HR professionals throughout the state. In addition, the strength of our student programs helps to build HR leaders of the future.

  • Recognize Excellence in the Profession. The State Council, and many of the affiliated chapters, have been recognized nationally and locally, for programs that advance the profession and serve the professional. AZSHRM is consistently recognized as one of the top states within SHRM for achievement of affiliate goals

  • Act as Thought Leaders in HR and Business Strategies. Constantly seeking new avenues to serve, AZSHRM engages a variety of business, government, and private sector leaders to ensure we are moving the profession forward, and providing just-in-time resources, such as those needed during this current pandemic.

  • Appropriately influence State Legislation and Legislators. Our annual Employment Law and Legislative Conference is one of the most highly-rated events, providing needed updates and laws and a look-forward HR professionals need to know to stay current. But it doesn’t stop there. We advocate within the state legislature, as well as with our representatives in Washington, D.C. We want to make sure the voice of our profession is heard.

  • Support and Promote SHRM State Chapters and Memberships. AZSHRM doesn’t have members, but we do everything needed to support our statewide chapters that do. We’re the liaison between national SHRM and our six local chapters and, as such, we have access to resources, success stories, and we can leverage the talents between the chapters. We also recognize the opportunity we have to support our HR partners in those areas not currently served by local chapters, and we do through our virtual offerings, such as webinars and workshops on a variety of timely topics.


Our #1 connection point, resource, and developmental opportunity is our annual state HR conference, HR Indiana. Over 1,000 attendees gather each year in Phoenix to learn more about the profession, to connect to others, to get energized, to advance their skills. Our state conference is the largest HR conference in the state and, as such, has plenty of resources, outstanding key note speakers, and most certainly lots of fun. If you connect in only one way with our organization, connect at our state conference. You will be a fan and I’m certain we’ll see you back year after year. Register today! 

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As mentioned, we have six chapters throughout the state, with their own chapter boards, initiatives, meetings, and educational opportunities for their members. Why join a local chapter? Well, there is really no better way to connect with other HR professionals within your community, HR practitioners that are often challenged by the same situations as you are, and you have a local resource to call on as needed. In addition, most chapters offer educational sessions through monthly meetings, with outstanding experts in the HR field. Learn more about our Local Chapters. 

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We’re proud that our SHRM certifications meet the highest standards with accreditation by the Buros Center for Testing. With over 600 certified professions in our chapters, SHRM offers rigorous certifications that demonstrate to the global business community our strength in competency and knowledge—two aspects of HR practice that are required for effective job performance. Our state council and chapters provide the support needed to help HR professionals not only attain certification but also maintain that certification through diverse educational opportunities.

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