How To Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Learning Event

Create A Mindset To Learn

Virtual conferences are no different than in-person events. And therefore, to get the most out of it, attendees need to have a mindset and willingness to learn from the sessions. Attendees should treat virtual conferences like in-person events, and clear their schedule for the day to get the best possible experience. Your takeaway from the conference will depend on how much you are willing to put in, engage with the content, and use the chatbox to interact at the end of presentations. You should use the information that was sent out in advance to take notes, highlight, and formulate questions to make sure that you are getting the most out of it.  

Focus Is The Key Factor

Although virtual conferences do not require us to move out of our comfort zones, it comes with the big challenge of finding ways to focus and dealing with distractions around us. To get the most out of your investment from an online event, attendees must prioritize their work, schedule them accordingly and should take out time exclusively to attend the sessions. Attendees should also turn off their phones, close emails, and cut all distractions that could hamper their focus on the conference. This is especially key for first time conference attendees so that they can engage every element available, whether the presentations, handouts, partner booths, and networking.

Ensure Ahead Of The Event That Your Devices & Networks Ready

Attendees need to be well aware and familiar with the platform being used for the conference and ensure that it works properly on their computer. Make sure to run all updates on your computer in advance and log in early to check your connection, camera, and microphone that you will be using during the sessions. In a conventional in-person environment, communicating with speakers or other attendees isn’t as challenging as during virtual conferences. For getting the most out of virtual conferences and online events, you have to ensure that your devices and networks are as prepared as you, in order to, not have technical hiccups during sessions or chats.

Keep In Mind

One important way you can distinguish “high performing people” from “lower-performing people” is their ability to extract more meaning from the same exact data set. In other words, If you want to get the most out of any event, engage in the opportunity as deeply as you can to get as much meaning as possible. Remote events offer chances for distraction or complete focus and comfort, depending on the attendee. And the attendee needs to take responsibility for that.

As a registered attendee, you will have access to every session through the Crowd Compass Mobile App until March 2021. This way, you can watch and rewatch presentations for as long as they are available. It means you don’t have to worry about missing a slide or forgetting what the presenter said or worrying about taking detailed notes. Just rewatch the session! This also means that you don’t have to choose between multiple sessions that you may be interested in attending