January 2013 Leadership Meeting Minutes

AZ SHRM State Council Meeting
Friday, January 11, 2013
2:45 pm – 4:00 pm
  The Capital Group in Scottsdale, AZ


Present Sent Sub Absent Present Sent Sub Absent
Nobu Hara, Director X Tom Steinback x
Laura Krause x Micki Schroeder x
Cynthia Marshall x Cathy Kloos X
Gail Painter X Therese Maher X
Lari Braun X TJ Ferrer, CAHRMA x
Ann Nelson X Tommy Taylor, NWAHRA X
Neil Alexander x Brian DeVries, PAHRA X
Greg Coulter X Justin Cook, SAHRA X Kay Paiz
Kelsie McClendon x Tyler Bolli, SHREC x
Eric Knott X Ann Berkman SHRM GT X
Holly Schorr X Cecilia Benavides, VSHRA X
Julie Armstrong x Haven Flannigan, NAHRA x
Mark Christensen X Scott Ferrin X
Christine Miller X Kristine Hoffman x
Karen Smith x Brenda Perkins, SHRM MAC x


Committee Members

Clint Carlos X Robert Vaught X
Coral Martinez X Rose McCaffrey x
Susan Leverentz x Jody Henderson x
Gary Bridges x Holly Marcus x
Gine Flury X Lyn May x
Yolanda Mendez x Karyn Howard x



02:45 p.m.       Call to Order / Welcome

Nobu called the meeting to order at 2:45 pm

Motion to Approve:  Tom; Second:  Ann

02:47 p.m.       Financial Reports – Gail Painter

  • Financial Audit (is done two times annually by past president, Sharon Gardner, as part of her duties to the council).
  • August/Sept/October:  Sharon made a few recommendations during this recent audit:
  1.  When you complete payment Authorization form, complete it in full. (Refer to the budget as to where to take the dollars from.)
  2. Be clear on your signature (perhaps print your name as well).
  3. Gail may ask for more verification, clarification.  For example, Sharon recommended that we verify that the payment is legitimate.  That verification from the Committee chair will then submit that and it will be attached to the payment.


The Payment Authorization plan was discussed by Gail.

Review the class and account (it helps with the bookkeeper).

  • Tell us about why the reimbursement is requested as well.
  • Provide detail information.
  • Be clear where the check is being written to.
  • Double check the addresses.
  • Sign off on it!
  • If you traveled in, we reimburse mileage if you traveled over 100 miles one way to get here.  Attach the Map Quest document showing your travel to your form. (Use standard IRS rates.)
  • CC Gail on the document/or send it directly to me.  I like to follow-up on your -payment.


Balance Sheet:

P&L Statement is done and we will review on all quarterly meetings.

Gail makes sure all dollars on the P&L Statement are allocated properly.

I take a look at the Balance sheet for Y/E.  (The current one is still to be finalized).

  • We have two savings accounts:  One has $39,000 and the other, $21,900, and a checking account with $56.700.
  • Total:  $117,968.52
  • We are closing out the National Bank of Kansas Account ($21.900) and move to money market.
  • $14,965 net income realized in 2012.


Gail showed a 3-year comparison from 2010, 2011 and 2012 comparing our savings accounts, checking account, total assets and net income.

Brian asked if we could have someone with investment advice look at the Kansas account to explore our possibilities to invest these monies.

Neil gave some historical information about the savings accounts.  In year’s past, we made lots of money and then we invested those extra monies for a rainy day (operating revenue for one year).

Kelsie suggested long-term CD’s with a higher rate of return.

Nobu stated we need to have liquidity if we need the monies.  We should invest wisely, without risk.

Chapter Allocations:

Your way to earn monies for your chapter was discussed:
Revenue gained from the State Conference is split in three ways:

  1. $40,190 goes to the State Council.
  2. $40,190 went to Chapters based off the attendance from the State Chapters’ members (a report to chapter presidents confirms their attendance before dispersements)
  3. $40,190 based off of Chapter Presidents’ (or designated attendee – must be a chapter board member) attendance at each of the four Quarterly Council meetings.

Cynthia also discussed that the Chapter Presidents are also required to attend 2 out of the 4 Quarterly annual meetings.

2012: Two Chapters didn’t get the full amount.

Those extra monies ($5,000) were then split between the other chapters.

  • In the future, should we continue to do the same for 2013?
  • Or should we hold the monies in a seed account?
    • Nobu will discuss this with the Presidents in the future.
    • Cynthia brought up that there are two less chapters in 2013 and there will be possibly more monies coming to the Chapters in 2013 and in the future!

Neil spoke to say that if your chapter has contracts that need to be signed, he will review the contracts gratis for your chapter.  (He is with Littler, Mendelson) He can also get speakers for your chapter as well.

2013 Budget Review:  Nobu

Nobu discussed increase of expenses of $75,000 over 2012.
Christine:   Advocacy day has $5,000 extra that hasn’t been there previously.
Workforce Readiness:  No particular budget for 2013, but we will review if you need monies.

Deadline to review the 2013 Budget will be January 25, 2013.  If you have an area in your budget that needs more money, contact Gail with your proposal (outline) of why you want the money.

3:20 p.m.    SHRM Update – Scott Ferrin

  • Your SHAPE reports are due by January 31, 2013
  • Student Conference is coming up in April in Austin, TX.  If you’re working with a Student Chapter, this year we are having undergrad and grad cases separate.  This expands the number of teams that can attend.  We offer scholarships to attend.
  • We have our regional council summit in Phoenix this year (Feb. 21-23).
  • Standard things happening in the monthly update.
    • Calls are in the top of the document.  Take a look at this.
    • If you have changes in your boards, notify Christine Hoffman with your changes.  Her name is listed on the document.  Nobu will send it out when he gets it.
    • CLIFF – if you have any changes, send them to Christine Hoffman (you can find her contact information on the Roster) at any time.
    • He offered to speak at your chapter meetings about SHRM, just contact him.
    • VLRC shows the Strategic Credits available for the online conferences.

3:25 p.m.      Conference Planning Update:  Law & Legislative – Christine

March 21 and 22 – Speaker committee has 50% of speaker sponsorships.

HRCI credits are soon to be submitted for the meeting.

David Lusk – will be speaking both days (SHRM National Speaker)

Advocacy Day is being set up and meetings with your legislators is also in progress.


Nobu stated that we will have our 2nd Quarter council meeting during this meeting;

3rd Meeting at the State Conference in August, and the 4th meeting in Yuma.


Register:  Early bird rates on the Website.

Volunteers:  Contact Christine or Monika if you want to help out.

Yolanda will send out flyers for this meeting a swell.

Brian, asked about how many Legislators will be available?

Christine said potentially they could be there, but she is still reaching out to see how many she can secure.

State Conference:  Julie Armstrong 

Aug 27-30, 2013: Wild Horse Pass

Still obtaining speakers; if you know of any, please let her know.

A “Call for Volunteers” is still open on the Website.   Speak up early – as the call for Volunteers will close in February.

Presidents, ask your members if they want to volunteer.

Volunteering Benefits:  If a committee Leader:  FREE Member at $99 for the entire conference.   Day-of Volunteering:  8 hrs, attend at 50% off registration cost or just volunteer without attending as well.

Ask Holly or Julie what is entailed in the volunteer commitments.

Mark Christensen spoke of Key Note Speakers:  We are looking for Premier Key Notes.  We have Stuart Crabb as our speaker:  Great Caliber.

Exciting opportunities for techy and younger crowd as well.

FB Chief Learning Officer from FaceBook will also speak.`


3:40 p.m.         Website Redesign- Theresa Maher

She showed the current website:  Need to clean it up.

Initiatives:  Create a Central Hub, connect with other members and be a central resource.

We are still in the redesign phase.  More info will come and great take-aways from today will be added.

Would like to launch be early February.

She will solicit additional feedback.

Direct links to our chapters will also be there.


Going from traditional to site to a more modern site highlighting:   Join a local Chapter, HR News, Networking events; “Meet Your State Council.”

At the next council meeting a photographer will take your photograph – so be prepared!

Would like a member’s only section and asks for feedback and will solicit feedback.


Nobu stated we want connectivity with the chapters.  We will also upload today’s meeting information, vision, etc.

As we update the content, Nobu will be sending you the content to review.  Want to insure it’s what you want to see.

Holly stated that there was no line item for budget for Communications.  Theresa stated it is forthcoming.


Nobu talked about the Quarterly Reports:

Previous committee chairs are, or should be the ones completing the new format.

Structure is being made as easy as possible for these reports.

One format is our new way of doing this report.  Information was passed out on how to get online and how to fill out the form.

It becomes a public site with all having access to all reports (that part of the great functionality of it).

In the future, he will not ask people to report out.

We will always talk about finances out our quarterly meetings, but the bulk of the time will be “How are we doing, what is working, what isn’t and what’s our focus re our council” for our meetings.  It has more meaning to our structure rather than restating our reports.  Make sure the reports are filled out on a quarterly basis and timely.


Ask Theresa if you have any trouble.


3:45 p.m.         Other Business

Nobu passed out a document to disallow public events from taking place in AZ as a result of SB1070.  The strategic conference was moved from Phoenix to San Diego because of this.  He had a personal conversation with Hank Jackson, President of SHRM.  Nobu is willing to take further action if no response happened from Hank.  His response is on page 2.  He is doing this to be transparent to the Council.    Five members of the board are Hispanic and have taken action.

Rose asked if this will be shared with Legislators.  Nobu wasn’t sure at this time.  He wants to be careful and sensitive and doesn’t want to lose members as well.

Not asking you to share this, but he wanted the council to know it is taking place.

Tom Steinback asked whether they’ve addressed their chain of command?  Nobu said they haven’t admitted to this.   They did put the Regional Meeting back to Phoenix, however, after the pushback.  SHRM staff has been very supportive, including Scott Ferrin.  Nobu wants to move forward and creative a positive relationship with them.

Other business:

Nobu reported that a business advisory group is also in the planning phase.  Way to get money, sponsorship and to connect with them.

4:00 p.m.         Adjourn

                        Meeting adjourned 4:00 pm


Meeting or Event


March 18, 2013

Chapter Reports due (submit thru the AZ SHRM Website)


March 21-22, 2013

Employment Law & Leadership Conf.

2nd Quarterly Council Meeting

Phoenix-Metro area

Sheraton (Downtown)

June 16-19, 2013

AZ SHRM National Conference

Chicago, IL

August 20, 2013

Chapter Reports due (submit thru the AZ SHRM Website)


August 27-30, 2013

AZ SHRM State Conference

3rd Quarterly Council Meeting

Wild Horse Pass

October 2013

Chapter Reports due (submit thru the AZ SHRM Website)


October 2013

4th Quarterly Council Meeting

Yuma, AZ