June 2012 AZ SHRM State Council Meeting Minutes

AZ SHRM State Council Meeting
Thursday, June 14, 2012
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

 Location:  Ramada Inn, Flagstaff, AZ


Present Sent Sub Absent Present Sent Sub Absent
Laura Krause X Maria Murphy X
Nobu Hara (Dir. Elect) X Ann Nelson X
Sharon Gardner X Julie Armstrong X
Cynthia Marshall X Therese Majer X
Susan Laurence X Sonja Talley X
Ann Nelson X Holly Schor X
Chona Guang X Brandi Clark, CAHRMA TJ Ferrerar X
Gail Painter X Karen Smith, EVHRA X
Neil Alexander X Tommy Taylor, NWAHRA X
Greg Coulter X Brian DeVries, PAHRA X
Lea-Ann Clement X Teri Norris, SAHRA X
Liz Dabbah X Tyler Bolli, SHREC X
Mark Christensen X Jennifer De Laix, SHRM GT X
Scott Ferrin X Michelle Gray, SMA X
Kristine Hofman X Kevin Grindle, VSHRA X
Barbie Witt, NAHRA Brenda Perkins, SHRM MAC X
Drew Bacher (incoming President of NAHRA) X Haven Flannigan, NAHRA X
Sharon Nott (NWAHRA) X


20 attendees

13 Unable to attend

Note: Action items are underlined and in red.

Call to Order / Welcome/Introductions

                        The meeting was called to order at 1:23 pm.

.           Review/Approval of Minutes

                        Motion to approve: Julie Armstrong

Second: Nobu Hara

The minutes were approved.


.           Financial Reports –

        • Financial Review Report – Sharon Gardner

Sharon reported that as Past Director, she gets the statements from our accounts and ramdonly looks at them for accuracy/backup attachment/deposited correctly, etc.


Audit of last three months all good.


        • Treasurer’s Report – Questions about the financial sent out by Gail.  She was not present to discuss them further.
          • Statement of Assets, Liabilities & Fund Balance
          • Statement of Revenue & Expenses
          • 2012 Budget


No questions or issues on the Budget

Conference Updates

State Conference Update – Julie Armstrong

  • 2012 Conference Update
    • On track, committees being formed (event night, speakers, HRCI, etc.).
    • One month ahead of last year’s planning.
    • Conference info is live on the website.
    • Exhibitor space is selling and updates are live on the website. Major spaces sold out.
    • Anticipate over 700 attendees this year


  • Future Conferences
    • Laura and she are working 2013 plan.
    • Looking to Stay at Wild Horse Pass and brand ourselves (and this conference) there.
    • Ideal location, centralized in the State.
    • However, there are some space issues, but we are working with WHP to help rectify this.
    • Negotiating a 3-yr. plan thru 2015 – good to do for holding the rates, etc.
    • We need to insure the can accommodate increase in attendees/parking, etc.
    • Volunteer page will be on the website if anyone is interested in helping – volunteers get a discounted rate to attend.
    • Is there a PowerPoint slide that can be shared for Chapters to show at meetings?  Julie stated she will do it and get it out.
    • Laura also asked the Council members help to promote this conference any way we can.
    • Membership Alley (Corral, Oasis, etc.) will have local chapters there, materials, info, etc.  Local chapters had volunteers manning the booth.   Membership Director call scheduled for June 19th meeting and we will get this information out to the chapters.
    • There are 12-15 Strategic Units available / No GPHR are available.


State Leadership Conference – Nobu Hara

  • Possible Dates
    • Historically Friday week after Thanksgiving. But people are reporting that with the National Leadership conference, two close together and it’s difficult to schedule.
  • Directional Change in Content of Conference
    • Historically a speaker, State Council info.
    • Event held in Phoenix
      • Julie offering up Junior Achievement conference room
      • This year, we are having 2-3 executive coaches to do team building.
      • We never get a chance to get to know each other.  So we will take this opportunity to do so.
      • It’s hard to sit in a room listening when we could have interactive learning from each other.
      • Outcome:  We learn specifically about coaching, engaging people and working as a team.
      • Mark made a motion to have it Friday, November 30.
      • Attendees should be those incoming board leaders and outgoing leaders as well.
      • Issues with three weeks of reduced time at the office for leaders is problematic.
      • January date looks better by a vote of the Council.
        • Friday, January 11, 2013, starting no earlier than 10:00 am thru 3-4pm
        • Location to be determined





Regional Council Summit – Laura Krause

  • Highlights
    • In Texas in March. Local St. Council Directors attend and SHRM personnel.
      • Cool idea, trading cards


SHRM Leadership Conference – Nov. 15-17, 2012 – Laura Krause

  • Attendees – Free attendance from SHRM
    • In DC at the Gaylord hotel In Maryland
    • Chapter President or Elect
    • St. Council Dir. / or Elect
    • St. Council Membership Director
    • MAC Rep
  • If interested in going in a Core Leadership Area
    • Membership, Diversity, etc.


SHAPE – Laura/Nobu

  • Our current goal
    • This year we were a Silver Award last year.
    • What next year?  We should talk with Susan Laurence to determine what we need to do.  Susan should be able to identify that. (Sharon’s comments)
  • Future Goals
    • The goal for next year will be decided by the Leadership Conference
    • Nobu stated they will talk later about it.


Monica’s Contract – Laura

  • Wrap up discussion from March meeting
    • It’s signed.  Issues with Legal Council addressed and both parties agreed.
    • Sharon asked about the revenue from the Legislative Conference
      • Gail mentioned in Exec. Board Conf. call that those figures are forth coming.


Volunteer / Open Positions / Succession Planning – Laura

  • HRCI – Foundation:  Current Openings
    • Filling current positions
      • Looking for a new director

Foundation Director:  We need another as well.  (Nobu – contacted Lari Braun, former director is stepping up into the role for the next 6 months.


Nobu asked Presidents to talk to their chapter members and see their interest level in being on the council.   Send Laura or Nobu names of interested candidates.


Job Descriptions are available on VLRC Website on the SHRM website.  Jennifer De Laix stated she would be a co-chair for HRCI.


Holly Schor’s name was brought up that we ask her to maybe step into that role for HRCI.

Maybe we could have a committee for HRCI due to the complexity of the role.  Many liked this concept.


Law & Legislative

Planning and other positions are opening up.  Please ask your chapter members.


  • Co-chairs?
    • Membership key area we need a co-chair
    • But we are calling them Vice-chair.  Vice chair implies succession.
      • Chapter HRCI chair could transition to Council HRCI Director
    • Succession planning
      • The roles of Vice chair help in this area


2012 Calendar – Remaining meetings – Laura

  • Tucson – October (confirm dates/times) 4th meeting of the year
    • Tuesday, October 9, 2012
    • Lunchtime meeting.  Looking to have a big speaker with the Council meeting either beforehand or after ward
  • No meeting at this year’s State Conference


Chapter Highlights – Chapters report only if there is something significant to report on that isn’t in their quarterly report.


Theresa Majer put together a template that she liked and asked for feedback.

Jobing.com hosts the website; it will take a few weeks to build.  She wants to put chapter information on the site as well as any suggestions.


She also wants to do a new member packet.  Member benefits page, etc.  Would the membership committee approve or does the Executive Committee have to approve?  Thru CVent she will work with Monica M. on our events.  They will also work with Chapters to help them as well.


New Business  – None to report.

.           Adjourn – 2:45


Meeting or Event


August 14, 2012

3rd Quarter Reports Due


August 28-31, 2012

AZ SHRM State Conference –                         No State Council meeting will take place during the conference this year.

Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort

Sept.  20, 2012

4th Quarter Reports Due


October 9, 2012

4thQuarterState Council Meeting

Tucson  Time to be Discussed

Dec/Jan 2013

AZ SHRM Leadership Conference

January 11, 2013