March 2012 AZ SHRM State Council Meeting Minutes

AZ SHRM State Council Meeting
Thursday, March 8, 2012
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Location:  Oaxaca Restaurant & Cantina, Downtown Phoenix


Present Sent Sub Absent Present Sent Sub Absent
Laura Krause x Maria Murphy x
Nobu Hara (as Dir. Elect) X Pamela Puleo X
Sharon Gardner X Julie Armstrong X
Cynthia Marshall X Therese Majer x
Susan Laurence X Mark Rambo
Sonja Talley x
Ann Nelson x Holly Schor X
Chona Guang X Brandi Clark, CAHRMA Excused x
Gail Painter X Karen Smith, EVHRA X
Neil Alexander x Tommy Taylor, NWAHRA Sent Debra S. x
Greg Coulter x Iveth Castro, PAHRA
Lea-ann Clement X Teri Norris, SAHRA x
Maria Murphy X Tyler Bolli, SHREC Nobu in place x
Liz Dabbah X Jennifer de Laix, SHRM GT X
Mark Christensen x Michelle Gray, SMA x
Scott Ferrin Plane issues x Kevin Grindle, VSHRA x
Kristine Hofman Tara Arthur, SHRM MAC
Barbie Witt, NAHRA Haven Flannigan, NAHRA x


Note: Action items are underlined and in red.

  • Council members began ordering off the menu at 5:45 pm.
  • Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm by Director-elect Nobu Hara. (Laura wasn’t able to join us as she had an unexpected work commitment.)
  • Introductions / Welcomes
  • Approval of Minutes from January 13, 2012

A motion was made to approve the minutes; a second was made and the motion passed.

Financial Review

  • Sharon Gardner reported all was in order.

Financial Report

  • Treasurer’s Report – Gail Painter
      • Distributed Balance Sheet as of 2/28/2012 and P&L YTD Comparison, Jan. through Feb. 2012.
      • Budget versus Actual report was discussed (budget worksheet).
        • Gail reported that after a discussion with Monika Masciangelo, budget projections were reduced to reflect last year’s actuals with a small bump in revenue. The revised budget will be presented to the Exec. Committee at their next meeting.

Committee Reports

SHRM Foundation –Pamela Puleo

  • At the Legislative Conference an item for “donation” will be offered $10/ticket 3 for $25 to win a galaxy pad. (Like an IPAD)
  • Goals:  Learn role reach out to the foundation liaisons in chapters, and will continue to do the silent auction at the State Conference.


Employment Law & Legislative Conference – LeaAnn Clement

  • Nobu opened by complimenting LeaAnn:  Great job!
  • LeaAnn complimented Monika for her work and the volunteers as it was structured like the state conference and it made things so much easier to get done.
  • She reported that registrations/sponsors are up from last year.  Walk-ins are usually plentiful and will hopefully come tomorrow as well.
  • Advocacy day was also very successful ($3-5k under budget).
  • A quick discussion about Monika’s contract came up.  Neil stated he sent his suggestions to Laura and Nobu (A PDF format was sent.)

State Conference – Julie Armstrong

Julie updated the council on the progress of the State Conference.

      • Wild Horse Pass (this is the last of a 3-year agreement). They are holding dates for 2013 and are in the midst of negotiations for future years (also during the Labor Day weekend.)
      • All speakers have been found.  Great scrutiny is taking place to insure quality.
      • Janet Asher is actually agreed to be the speaker chair,
      • All information on the website by the end of April.  Bios, etc. and info for HRCI credits as well.
      • Julie stated they are also working on 2013 as well.
      • Julie will email to Cynthia the cost breakdown for the conference and it will then be mailed to the membership.
      • Committee positions and volunteer selections will be sent out by the end of March.
      • Monika is working on sponsorships; early bird rates will also be offered.
      • Negotiating hotel rates for the attendees as well

SHAPE/Awards – Susan Laurence

  • Report just about ready to send next week.
  • Short of our goal for gold but silver is achievable.
  • State Conf. Awards – hard to get nominees.  Sharon and I thought that a contest might be a good idea and prizes might be awarded to the chapter that nominates the most.
  • New award:  Al O’Connor / Lifetime Achievement Award will debut this year.  Winner will of course be him. Exec. Committee approved this award at our last meeting. Great way to honor someone who gave a lot to our profession.


College Relations/Diversity – Ann Nelson

      • Thunderbird School going to Nationals end of March 2012.
          • They took second last place at Regionals.
          • Undergrad teams struggling this year.
          • University of Phoenix showing interest an drumming up a chapter
          • Students from Western International want to start up a team.


Workforce Readiness – Holly Schor

  • Again sponsoring Junior Achievement event on March 21 – call for volunteers at the networking event, 7:30 -9am, Wed. 21st Tempe Center for the Arts.
  • Beginning planning workforce readiness at State Conference.


Certification – Mark Rambo – Not present

Membership – Liz Dabbah/Maria Murphy-

  • Don’t have too much to report. So far we have rec’d YE numbers for 2011.
  • SHRM members in location 1.56% inc. this year in local chapters.
  • SHRM members in state 1.76% inc. in 2011
  • Jan 2012 exp. Increases as well of SHRM members in local chapters
  • Expect 3.0% inc. SHRM members over in the state.
  • Kept our goals for 2012 same as 2011: inc. of 6% of SHRM members in state-wide chapters

3% in state overall.

  • Liz reported there are 3,000 AZSHRM members in state. 1,000 are affiliated with a chapter in the State.  Getting that membership information from SHRM is a hot topic at leadership conference.  SHRM not willing to let that privacy information out.  But there may be ways to access it: we can zip code searches and we can talk to you about that, Liz stated.  It’s done thru SHRM.  SHRM will make the contact after a chapter contacts Christine Hoffman to assist.
  • A discussion followed about CVent. Gail can work with Holly to get that information from CVent.  Holly took last 10 years of data from AZSHRM website and stated the data base.  We can begin to use that data. At the State Conf. last year, Monika leveraged that Cvent data and sent those people an email to come to the Membership Oasis to talk about membership.
  • Eblasts went to the 3,000 at large members thru SHRM to invite them to local meetings. We will do that again.
  • Held a Membership Chapter Director call on Feb. 24.
  • Lack of participation and we would like to have more chapters attend or if can’t attend, have another member sit in on the conf. calls.  Only once a quarter.  Key learnings, best practices, helpful to all.  Please encourage them to attend. We copy the chapter presidents as well.  To encourage your Membership Directors to participate.
  • Booth will be at the conference tomorrow.  Asked memberships directors to give support.  Mostly Phoenix Chapters (all three have provided volunteers).
  • 2012 SCHEDULE email blasts to bet more members.  Trying to incorporate Social Media as well.  Next thing to tackle.
  • Nobu encouraged her to work with Theresa on future endeavors.


Communications – Theresa Maher

  • Focus her energies on how her new role touches all committees: membership is on her radar.
  • Looking for new look, interface, social media (linked in, FB, twitter) as well.
  • By next meeting I have some tools going forward.
  • Still asking for photos from people if their photos weren’t big enough, high resolution for the web site.  If you don’t want a photo, that’s ok as well – but please contact her!.
  • Nobu would like to see Publicity surrounding the conf. this year thru the news media.  Coming in a time during election time, as HR professionals and business community.  To encourage members to join a chapter, two-fold concept.


Strategic Partnerships – Mark Christensen / Not present


Diversity – Chona Guang

  • Bringing back the diversity award to the annual AZ SHRM state conference.  We have a keynote speaker.  Still looking for breakout session speakers.
  • Planning the awards process and looking for volunteers.  If interested in volunteering, I am seeking assistance.
  • Successful diversity awards – Is her first goal.
  • Still looking for a Diversity Director to succeed me.

Chapter Highlights –

  • CAHRMA – Brandi Clark (Excused)


  • EVHRA – Karen Smith
    • Strategy session in Dec. came out with focused membership enhancement goals.
    • Tasks implementing in our meetings – table talks.
    • Junior Achievement – we are still looking for sponsorships this and next week.
    • NAHRA – Haven Flanagan
      • Strategic planning and goal setting taking place.
      • Treasurers resigned this year due to work commitments.  We do have a new replacement on April 1.
      • Finally did get reviewed financials for the first time.
      • Current membership chair is doing a wonderful job.  New president-elect and almost all sessions planned for the remainder of the year.


  • NWAHRA – Tommy Taylor –
    • We have employment law conference scheduled with hot topics!   Sponsored by Littler Mendelson.  Excellent Speakers.  Being held on the River Tropicana Express in Laughlin. For $35/night.  Good topics, expecting many people. – 2/3 attorneys speaking during the meeting.


  • PAHRA – Iveth Castro


  • SAHRA – Teri Norris
    • Nothing additional to add that not in the report she submitted.


  • SHREC – Tyler Bolli
    • Nobu reported as past chair – only thing is that we’ve done is the usual –
    • New members in our strategic plan going forward.
    • Made a decision to try to get pre-approved HRCI credits to be on the speaker’s bureau to avail ourselves to speak to the chapters.  We will be working on that this year.


  • SHRM-GT – Jennifer de Laix
    • Strategic planning bringing back our communications committee – outreach committee.
    • Doing a legal update 2nd Tuesday in April. 150 attendees; we are excited.


  • SMA  – Michelle Gray
    • Three chapters in Phoenix have presidents who are beginning to work together how can we partner together?  Pulling us together!


  • VSHRA – Kevin Grindle
    • New website up and running.
    • Lisa Horn from SHRM coming out on the 18th. She is a senior legislative working for Mike Aiken spearheading smaller focus groups looking at family flexibility issues on Capital Hill.

New Business

  • Future Meetings – Cynthia Marshall


Meeting or Event


January 13, 2012

AZ SHRM Leadership Conference  – State Council Meeting following


March 1, 2012

1st Quarter Reports Due

March 8, 2012

1st Quarter State Council Meeting

Oaxaca Restaurant Downtown Phoenix

March 8, 2012

AZSHRM Advocacy Day

Sheraton, Downtown Phoenix

March 9, 2012

AZSHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference

Sheraton, Downtown Phoenix

May 3-4, 2012

Steptoe Johnson 9th Annual Labor Relations Conf. / FREE to State Council Members

Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix

June 1, 2012

2nd Quarter Reports Due


June 14, 2012

2nd Quarter State Council Meeting

Flagstaff’s meeting (Ramada Inn):      11:00 check-in                                        11:30 – 1:00 pm                                       Following is the chapter meeting             Council meeting held after that.     Employment law/Neil Alexander speaking

August 14, 2012

3rd Quarter Reports Due


August 28-31, 2012

AZ SHRM State Conference –                         No State Council meeting will take place during the conference this year.

Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort

Sept.  20, 2012

4th Quarter Reports Due


October 9, 2012

4thQuarterState Council Meeting

Tucson  Time to be Discussed

Dec/Jan 2013

AZ SHRM Leadership Conference

TBD – But probably in January 2013


  • Chona Guang
    • She discussed Leadership Development Skills meeting and passed out the document that came out of that committee.


7:56 Meeting Adjourned.