October 2012 State Council Meeting Minutes

AZ SHRM State Council Meeting
Tuesday, October 9, 2012
11:45 pm – 1:40 pm

 Location:  Doubletree Hotel: Tucson, AZ



Present Sent Sub Absent Present Sent Sub Absent
Laura Krause X Maria Murphy X
Nobu Hara (Dir. Elect) X Mark Rambo X
Sharon Gardner X Julie Armstrong X
Cynthia Marshall X Therese Maher X
Susan Laurence X Sonja Talley X
Ann Nelson X Holly Schor X
Chona Guang X Brandi Clark, CAHRMA X
Gail Painter X Karen Smith, EVHRA X
Neil Alexander X Tommy Taylor, NWAHRA Krista Toschlog
Greg Coulter X Brian DeVries, PAHRA X
Lea-Ann Clement X Christine Miller Teri Norris, SAHRA X
Liz Dabbah X Tyler Bolli, SHREC X
Mark Christensen X Jennifer De Laix, SHRM GT X
Scott Ferrin X Michelle Gray, SMA Valerie James X
Kristine Hofman X Kevin Grindle, VSHRA
Kelsie McClendon X Brenda Perkins, SHRM MAC
Lari Braun X Haven Flannigan, NAHRA X



11:45 a.m.       Call to Order / Welcome/Introductions

Laura called the meeting to order at 11:46 am

11:50 a.m.       Review/Approval of Minutes from June 2012 meeting

11:55 a.m.       Financial Reports –

  • Financial Review Report – Sharon Gardner

All approved upon her review.

  • Treasurer’s Report – Questions about the financial sent out by Gail
    • Statement of Assets, Liabilities & Fund Balance
    • Statement of Revenue & Expenses
    • 2012 Budget


12:05 p.m.       Pinnacle Award – Laura

We did submit a nomination.  We still haven’t heard anything.  We sent in a submission based off of our Diversity efforts.    A copy will be sent to everyone.

12:10 p.m.       SHRM Update – Scott Ferrin

Update went out.  Membership advisory council survey (MAC) values your input about our structure and we would love to have your input.  This survey is in preparation for their meeting at the leadership conference.  Needs to be completed by Oct. 31.

Leadership conference is coming up.  Nov. 15-17, 2012 at the Gaylord National in the DC Area.   St. Council membership or 100% chapters can have your free 3 nights (others have 2 free nights).  Airfare is the chapter’s responsibility.   Overflow from the hotel is at the Hampton Inn.

Chapter President or President Elect:  One complimentary registration for hotel and conference.  We really encourage next year’s president to go (next year’s president).  If the current president attends it’s OK, but if someone else, we need to talk to Scott.  If both want, then the independent attendee will pay their way.

In the past AZSHRM has supported current chapters have asked for support.  If you need support, please contact Laura ASAP.  The State Council pays for the following: Director-elect, Membership Director and we do a district director.  We pay for 1 District Director.

Scott reported that SHRM is doing sessions specifically on leadership.  You can attend this on determining what makes a better leadership in general (in addition on how to run your council).

Update:  College relations and all chapters assoc. to support a college chapter in your area, our college SW Central Conf. will be in Austin, TX on Friday, April 19-20.  Competition is on Friday for the case competition and the conference on Saturday: full day HR Topics, help get a job and how to be an HR professional.  (Grad/Undergrad).

Initiatives for SHAPE, supporting a team is a college relations initiative you can use.

We are in Oct. we have until Dec. 31 to finish your initiatives; they must be turned in by January 31, 2013.  Still’s time to make that deadline.  If you’ve done significant things for the foundation, the foundation monies must be in by Oct. 31 to be recognized at the leadership conference.

We do have a big push with this called an election this year.   Very important to be involved to get people to vote.  We want to support getting people actively registered and then to vote.  Chapter meetings encourage them to vote.  Do not put candidates or parties in your speech, but advocacy is supporting those that support HR.

Encourage everyone to support your employees at your work place to vote.

SHRM had our elections and will be announced at leadership.  Annual conference in Atlanta was great and is in Chicago in 2013 and Orlando in 2014.

Cynthia suggested that they be put on the AZ SHRM website.  Laura asked Theresa to do this with the following update.

12:20 p.m.       Conference Updates

12:20 State Conference Update – Julie Armstrong

  • 2012 Conference Recap
    • Sonja was unable to be here, Julie spoke on her behalf.  She thanks all that helped to make it a success.  Julie reported that we had almost 100% collected (422).  First year we collected $401,879.  Total conference expenses. $281,308 = $120,147 is our net profit.


  • New for 2013: Theme: Nuts and Bolts
    • Have begun initiatives.  Speakers from around the country, SHRM National speakers, constantly reviewing who we can bring in.  Executive. Committee meetings have begun.  There is a call for committee leaders that is going out.  We will be formulating our committees afterward.
      • Julie Armstrong is the Conf. Chair
      • Monica Masiangelo, our event manager, is returning and reviewing her contract (annual review).  Looking for new energy, new ideas.   We got great feedback from this year’s conference.  We will present at the Leadership Conf. in 2013.

Laura reminded the chapter presidents to respond to Gail Painter regarding the local chapter attendees for the allocation of monies.

The allocation works this way:  1/3rd will go to the Chapter’s depending upon the attendance of the state council meetings, 1/3rd goes to the State Council and final 1/3rd is based off of chapter attendance.

12:30 AZSHRM Leadership Conference – Nobu Hara

  • Friday, January 11, 2013 – Junior Achievement Offices, Tempe. (This has now changed).
    • Discussion on the timeframe.  It was decided it will start at  9am – 4pm.
    • Council meeting last 1.5 hours of the meeting
      • Cover 4 things:
        • Engagement in the vision
        • Establish Goals for the vision
        • Enriching the network
        • Empowering the council with teams

Team Building event!
I will provide the vision and I will ask you on a team basis how will that look like goals and objectives on how we will achieve this

Come prepared for what you want for the council.  Recruitment, Membership, diversity, HRCI, Recognition, Workforce readiness, Foundation

Sent out all points bulletin asking for volunteers and I am starting to contact everyone of them to determine who the directors will be.  I would like to build a committee around each leadership area.  Helps the work load and succession planning process for the future.

Incoming Presidents must attend the Leadership meeting.  Outgoing a good process to attend but not mandatory.

Food:   Continental Breakfast and lunch served.

12:40 National SHRM Leadership Conference – Nov. 15-17, 2012 – Laura Krause

We covered this topic earlier.

12:45 p.m.       CORE Leadership Areas

  • Membership – Not present – Both leaders doing a great job and updates were sent.
  • Diversity – Not present, Pinnacle Award submitted by Chona.
  • Certification – Not present – There was a brief discussion about the HRCI prep classes and issues with instructors not showing up still is a problem.
    • Nobu met with Kelsie last week.  Confusion about roles occurring.  Meeting shortly with instructors and Kelsie.
    • College Relations – Ann Nelson
      • Thunderbird won the regional games.  They have their chapter together and a strong presence on their campus.  They have a formal club on campus.  New Student president and they have a succession plan going forward.  Their officers meet once a week and monthly.
      • ASU has no HR degree program but also has a chapter.  5 meetings scheduled with 20 in their chapter, VSHRA sponsors.
      • Univ. of Phoenix (online school) forming a chapter.  (They do have a degree program).
      • Grand Canyon struggling
      • Ottawa struggling
      • Tucson, trying to get with U of P and want to work with them, but it’s difficult
      • Publicity/Communications/Technology – Theresa Maher
        • Focus on the conference and now the website.  Meeting with Nobu with his vision and a facelift.  New social media strategy, more activity, Facebook – members of the month or week, etc.  Pulling it all together so that there is a central site to be unveiled at the January meeting.  New membership packet I will assist as well.
        • Sharon also spoke about the new Electronic Chapter Reporting form that we are proposing.  We struggle with getting reports in on a timely manner that will live on the website that the chapter can down load and easily complete.  Sharon demonstrated the new form which is based off the SHAPE workplan to set up our initiatives.
        • Theresa stated that thru Google Forms we will be able to do this.
        • We want to implement this by December 2012 and ready for our January 2013 meeting
        • Teri spoke about this as a great tool that can be used for best practices.
        • Foundation – Lari Braun
          • Lari stepped in and took over the foundation core leadership area for the next 6 months.  Contributions exceeded by 25% from last year.  Chapters $2,992 from the baskets.  IPOD donations $5 collected $571; total: $3,993.  Lari had the contribution forms for the Foundation for us to donate.
        • Workforce Readiness – Holly Schor
          • Two initiatives:  Legacy initiatives I call them.  “Junior Achievement You’re Hired” event SHRM actively involved.  We still are looking for volunteers.  AZSHRM would like to further our involvement and then also submit a Pinnacle award in this area.  Great branding for us.
          • Julie workforce readiness and get more community resources.  Introduced at the state conference and we had great support from companies such as Food bank, DES, Goodwill Volunteer Program to name a few.
          • Holly will send out information on how you can get involved.
          • Jennifer asked if it was done in Tucson.  Julie reported that students are bussed from Tucson to this event.
          • Mark thought that a canned event could be created in outlying areas in AZ if someone wanted to bring this to their community.
        • Strategic Alliance – Mark Christensen
          • Grew out of last year on how could the council grow revenue possibilities going forward.  We looked at a discount services component and/or build long-term alliances where we would get sponsorship dollars.  We will also talk with Monica regarding the conference as well.  We have the models set and we have candidates but we want to have everything in line before we leap.
          • Julie reported that she will work with Mark on paid speakership sponsors for the conference as well.  More strategic – recognition sponsor possibly.
        • Legislative – Christine Miller and Lea-Ann Clement
          • Lea-Ann introduced Christine and wanted a smooth transition.  The Legislative Conference is hers as chair and I will be the co-chair.  We just kicked off the committee and the volunteers this past week.  Monica helped and we closed out all the volunteer slots.  “A head of the gavel”.  March 21st Advocacy Day and March 22nd full traditional Conference (downtown Sheraton).  Looking at strategic partnership discussions are also going on.  We would like to take attorneys from our top sponsors and utilize them.
          • Advocacy Day, extending the day for a full-day.  Gives us 3 hours at the capital for dist. Reps as AZ SHRM.  Planning has begun, exciting speakers David Lust.
          • Scott asked if pricing is affected by the expansion of times.  The answer is no and we expect greater attendance as well.
          • Registration is open.  Early bird rates end March 1, 2013.
  • 2012 Awards & Recognition Member Recognition – Susan Laurence

Council won the Silver award for SHAPE this year.  Presents were given to each council member.  Recognition was also given to Laura Krause for her years of service.  Nobu also recognized Sharon Gardner for her years of service.

1:15 p.m.         Quarterly Reports – Proposing New Process – Sharon Gardner & Cynthia Marshall

This was completed earlier.

1:20 pm           Chapter Highlights – Chapters report only if there is something significant to report on that isn’t in their quarterly report.

1:25 p.m.         Vacant Core Leadership Positions – Nobu

                                    Nobu stated he continuing to work on them.

1:30 pm           New Business

1:40 p.m.         Adjourn

                                    Meeting adjourned 1:35 pm


Meeting or Event


Nov. 15-17, 2012

National SHRM Leadership Conference

Gaylord National, Washington, DC

January 4, 2013

Chapter Reports due (submit thru the AZ SHRM Website)


January 11, 2013

AZ SHRM Leadership Conference

1st Quarterly Council  Meeting

The Capital Group

14636 N. Scottsdale Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

March 4, 203

Chapter Reports due (submit thru the AZ SHRM Website)


March 21-22, 2013

Employment Law & Leadership Conf.

2nd Quarterly Council Meeting

Phoenix-Metro area

Sheraton (Downtown)

June 16-19, 2013

AZ SHRM National Conference

Chicago, IL

August 20, 2013

Chapter Reports due (submit thru the AZ SHRM Website)


August 27-30, 2013

AZ SHRM State Conference

3rd Quarterly Council Meeting

Wild Horse Pass

October 2013

Chapter Reports due (submit thru the AZ SHRM Website)


October 2013

4th Quarterly Council Meeting

Location TBD